Raw vegan 6 food groups – introducing living food cuisine

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« Living food », these words already unveil its universe… They invite us to imagine ourselves more alive, joyful, full of energy and vitality. They are like the invigorating hill air that it is so good to breathe, an increased connection with everything that surrounds us. They are shimmering colors, beauty and wonder at the multi-sensory generosity offered by Mother Nature…

Living food is accepting to only let what is purely and totally beneficial foods into our bodies. It is a real act of love towards oneself. And what is healthier and more beneficial than what has been directly nourished by the Sun? So many weeks, and sometimes months, are necessary for the fruits of nature to ripen. Slowly they synthesize billions of molecules, vitamins, enzymes, which will then maintain life within us. How much effort was needed and a such perfect synergy with the entire Universe to slowly develop these fragrant gifts?

The resulting cuisine is intended to honor this beauty, this mystery. Each of its ingredients brings the highest vitality content. They are prepared in such a way as to preserve their delicate nutritional content. They are preferably as fresh as possible.

1. Fruits

What beauty is theirs, and what a joy in the heart of Summer to bite into a sweet and juicy peach, melon or apricot! We will pick them when ripe, that’s when their nutritional content is at its maximum. And since Nature is wonderfully done, that’s also when they are the most delicious !

We can eat them as they are, or dry them in the sun, or dehydrate them at a mild temperature (40°), to preserve the highest amounts of enzymes and vitamins sensitive to heat.

2. Vegetables

They also have to be picked at maturity, they offer us a fantastic palette of flavors, colors, shapes with which we can play in our preparations! New ways to consume them are there, within our reach but we never imagined them… Let’s enjoy their benefits and rediscover them in a new light.

3. Cereals and legumes …sprouted!

Our modest beans and cereals suddenly become so rich in their raw sprouted form! There are whole books that describe their benefits! By what magic these humble lentils, quinoa or mung beans, after only a few hours soaked in water, start multiplying their nutritional value by producing an abundance of C vitamin, proteins, enzymes, iron, calcium, from who knows where! The explanation is there: they are trees in potential. I’ve always been fascinated by these little seeds. All the more so because everyone can have their own micro-vegetable garden in their kitchen. That has beauty in it. Their freshness and energy are absolute delight in salads. They also are a precious help in many raw recipes such as crackers.

4. Nuts and seeds

They are awakened with a little water, in the same way as sprouted seeds, because they too see their properties and digestibility increased tenfold by the process of germination. Some, which have a skin containing a toxin making its digestion difficult (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts), lose it after a night of immersion. They are rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E, selenium, calcium, iron, proteins… And above all, what an invaluable contribution to the living cuisine! We gain in creamy textures for our sauces, our vegetable cheeses, our dehydrated preparations, our raw desserts? What an absolute delight they offer us!

5. Seaweed

We choose them organic. They are rich in trace elements such as iodine, and are full of fiber and protein. These sea vegetables that connect us to the water element are a source of benefits. Raw food cuisine uses them for their delicate marine touch in recipes calling for Far East influences. Some have curious properties such as agar agar and its gelling power, or spirulina and its bluish color stimulating our culinary creativity.

6. Spices and aromatic herbs

They give a recipe all its character, they are an ornament, the sparkle that will delight the taste buds, bringing to a dish its unique touch! What a beauty this wealth of spices and aromatic herbs that come to us from all corners of the world. They reflect millennia-old cultures ; they are an eternal invitation to travel. Their sweet and intoxicating fragrances incite us to push our culinary horizons further and further to magnify their presence in ever more exquisite dishes. To top it all off, their richness in essential oils stimulates our immune systems, restores the acid-base balance and are rich in anti-oxidants. Is it by chance that they have a special place in the traditional pharmacopoeia?

Therefore possibilities with raw vegan food are endless. All of these ingredients are sources of inspiration for the raw cuisine. Some, like fruits, are self-sufficient by the unique experience they provide us. Others become wonderful when different flavors mix and match together. It is up to us to let them surprise us, for an enchanting well-being and the happiness of our taste buds !

And why not give it a gentle go, with my recipe of Tagliatelles with pesto. It is quick and easy to make, and contains delicious sun-drenched Mediterranean flavors!

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