My challenge: 12 raw vegan recipes around Provence!

To inaugurate my blog I decided to challenge myself. Over the next 12 weeks I will create 12 raw vegan dishes on the theme of Provence (my dear home!!), and will share the recipes with you. Three recipes out of four will be easy to make. The fourth one will be more elaborate, with the idea of recreating typical Provencal dishes in a gastronomic way, as I used to do for raw restaurants I worked in. I will also write one post per week about the principles and wonderful benefits of raw living food.

Following this challenge I will share with you all my thoughts.

My hopes

This blog is therefore a great first for me, an exercise of openness and sharing in a new way. It represents a real challenge because it also needs me to get out of my comfort zone, that is my peaceful Provençal bubble. I have to learn about those new digital tools, learn how to do better pictures… But it is my deepest wish that from now on, every Human Being can access better, healthier food, for their health, their happiness and that of all those around them. Raw vegan food is full of joy, gives us incredible energy and boosts our immune system. So why should so few enjoy the benefits? I now want to do my humble share and thanks to my experience inspire as many people as possible 🙂

Knowing how to challenge yourself

I don’t know yet if I will be able to keep up the rythm, I’m rather a perfectionist and prefer not to publish if things are not entirely as I intend. And since I’m not the best yet at handling digital tools related to blogging, there is room for improvement 😉

Besides, I know by heart these Provençal flavors! It means that restyling typical dishes into raw vegan ones is a challenge, not only because the aspect and the texture have to be there, but also the flavors!

Lookinf forward to see you on my next publication 😉

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