Who am I

Hi ! Welcome to my blog 🙂 My name is Stéphaële, I’m from France (Provence). On this blog I’m sharing with you my passion and my know-how with vegan living food cuisine techniques and its delicate and delicious flavors!

Where do I come from

New life in 2015: after several years as a Purchasing Manager in a number of organic companies, I realized I was not able to truly fulfill myself with this job. As such, a deep introspection helped me reconsider my true values and passions. It brought me a wonderful gift : that of career change! A lifelong passion for cooking, especially since 2008, when the ethics of a vegan lifestyle became obvious to me: I discovered an unsuspected culinary horizon! So exiting, all these new 100% plant-based flavors! Not talking about this new know-how around vegan cuisine, and its ability to make dishes so close to non-vegan ones!

Raw food revolution

A few years later I discover for the first time the world of “raw food“. I decided to educate myself through a renowned Californian culinary school in this field, whose Founder is the famous Chef Matthew Kenney. I then went to work in London in upscale raw vegan restaurants. For the last one I even got the position of Head Chef for one that Kenney partnered with, progression is fast when you are passionate 🙂

South-East Asia call

The wonders of Asian cuisine then pushed me to travel throughout South-East Asia to more deeply understand its flavors. I was also satisfying a lifelong love for travel and discovery. Here I was, on an adventurous journey through oriental flavors for several months. Over my travel I explored the powerful taste of Cambodian peppers, wild culinary experiments of a permaculture farm in Thailand, strong vinegars and misos of Penang in Malaysia… But also the fermented foods of Vietnam with the most scandalous aromas, and the fusions between Bali’s traditional cuisine and its New Age raw food inspirations… All this not forgetting of course all the wonderful tropical fruits of a nectar that One can never get tired of !.. Mmmmh, juicy fresh coconuts, mangoes, rambutans…. 🙂

Back to the roots

The wind then carried me to Provence, cradle of my childhood, so dear to my heart… I created my first company: making my own organic vegan and raw grocery products and sell them on specialized fairs and markets. After a while I realized that this was still not quite what I wanted to achieve in life. So the idea of a blog gained momentum. It’s a totally new field for me but it’s such a fantastic way to share with the world ! That is where lays my deepest wish from the beginning: inspire as many people as possible as regards the importance of the food we put inside our bodies. An make them realize how we can at the same time experience a healthy, tasty, colorful, vibrant, joyful, and totally satisfying food !

Raw Cuisine Culinary blog

Through this blog, I wish to pay tribute to all those delights offered by nature. Its four elements work in symbiosis to provide us with real reservoirs of energy, bursting with sunshine! I’m always amazed to discover in a vegetable garden all these shapes, colors and tastes so varied according to where in the World you may be. It’s just magical! All you have to do is prepare them with some cutting, mixing, grinding, making sauces and toppings here and there, and voilà! The joyful tasting, or should I say, the reconnection to the Universe can begin 😉

Have a great tour on my blog, dear Digital Traveler !

May these few posts awaken in you the desire to enjoy a radiant health!

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